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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My family was reunited this past Holiday season for the first time in many many years. I had not seen my brother Marcelo in 20 odd years, and it had been about the same amount of time since my parents, my brother and I had spent a Christmas together. This was a special time for us all, and the fact that Maximo is now part of our lives, not to mention Andrea - they both got to meet Marcelo for the first time. Maximo fell in love with his Uncle from the first minute they met, and that kicked off a great 2 weeks. Our great friend and photographer supreme, Evrim Icoz joined us and took these awesome photos in Old Town Vallarta.

The amazing boy Maximo - an iconic image to forever represent these days...

The Villarrubia Family - el Malecon, Puerto Vallarta

One of my fave pics of the bunch, Maxxi ruling the park

Proud parents tossing their pride in the sky

Reunited for the first time - the Villarrubia men!

Mother and Son in a loving embrace - too sweet for words

The end of the day in front of the famous church of the Virgen of Guadalupe

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