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Thursday, July 01, 2010

"The Bohemian Club"

An idea on a crumpled piece of paper. All the best ones are...

I finished a painting today. I don't paint as often as I should or would like, and this being my first large format creation, the stars seemed aligned. For months I have been toiling away at this big monster of a canvas - full of owls, dark nights, big moons and all the lovely creepiness my little hand could paint.

Kids, always remember, don't paint drunk.

In the end, i cherish it for many reasons. My son loved watching me paint it, my wife guided my hand when I didn't know where to put the brush next, and for as hard as it was during the stumbling stages, I sang when it was done. The sweet brushes and canvas good vibes from great friends didn't hurt.

Finished! "The Bohemian Club" Acrylic on very large canvas, 2010
Thanks to Ed and Bambi Schwartz for the title

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