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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now we are 3

from left to right: Andrea's belly cast (Maximo's old apartment), Maximo in his Star Trek Captain Kirk uniform and
Andrea - the Mom most cool

Today Maximo is 2 weeks and 3 days old. It really is amazing having a child, in far too many ways to get into on this short, lazy Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning journal session. I'm taking a moment between holdings, changings, awesome sleep-overs on the couch with my son napping on my neck and my wife sitting beside me - to write about how great he is, she is, and we all feel. He just loves and stares and sleeps and poops, and we are eating it up. Just the way he looks at Andrea makes a statement, even for a 2 week old. Sure, I am biased, but there is definetly something going on between them.

Who is Maximo?

Maximo is a generally quiet, focused little Argentine-American (Mexican born) boy. We are often asked by local Mexicans how we are handling the "derrumbes" or screaming fits - Maximo don't roll like that. Sure, he cries if he needs something, but prefers quiet observation, gazing and gooing vs. crying and stirring up shit (unless in his pants). I think Maxxi is a small baby, but he is getting chubbier every day, and looking so cute! His eyes are still dark dark grey, so only time will tell where they go to next - hazel like his father, or beautiful brown like his mother. His hair started very dark, but gets lighter every day...Andrea and I had blond hair our first few years. Just another cool thing that shows our blood coursing thru his veins. Like that he has my ears...literally, the left ear looks like my left ear, and so on. He sleeps like Andrea in how his mouth rests. He seems to have culinary gifts, since he can make what looks like spicy german mustard in his diaper. Pretty awespome power! Surely only the first of many super powers. I really like him, can't wait to get to know him better, and I really hope he likes me. I think he does.

What started on a Saturday afternoon is ending on an early Sunday morning. I am drinking coffee, adjusting my head, and waiting for the baby to truly wake -then he and I will watch TV, entertain each other, and let Mom sleep as long as she can. It's Sunday in the Villarrubia house, which means a long mellow day, with hopefully little going on but hanging out, good grub, cocktails here and there, and curling around good books and a warm TV. Can't wait to spend it with my Tribe...

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