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Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu 2009

Life has been quite a ride around here recently, thanks to a few dirty pigs, maybe a romantic pig farmer, or who knows what...but our beloved Mexico has been the host and creator of the now famous Swine Flu '09. If you have been living in a hole the last few weeks, Swine flu is a new strain of Influenza, that started as being contagious only via Swine to Human infection, and then took the important and scary mutated step of being contagious between Human to Human. Not good. Everyone who calls and writes to see how we are (thank you!) wants to know what is the deal down here, in pandemic-central. Well, we have a few day to day changes due to the flu - for the last few weeks all schools have been closed (more kids in the street and in the surf - awesome), for 6 days all restaurants, malls, theatres, etc were closed, and remain in some parts of the country, and no one wants to shake hands, naturally. Since there have been little to no cases in our area, its easy to not worry much, as we try not to. We had a few stressful days at the start, but having a baby makes things different than Andrea and I toughing it through a sickness. For the time being, things are safe and (in)sane in Sayulita, and we are happy and healthy. There is a bad case of the Dog Flu in our house, but we really just made that up to keep Dulce in line.

With Mexico city being the epicenter of this chaos, here is a great article about not only the Mexican love of masks (for health reasons or otherwise), but their view on this epidemic, and on published "facts" in general.

Here is another great article for those of us who believe in conspiracy theories that are not conspiracies, but hidden truths.
Mothering Article here

the 3Vs - dressed up and hanging out, prime Swine time '09

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