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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long live Los Gatos Negros!
Long live Los Gatos Negros!

Today, Los Gatos Negros de Sayulita were born. Today, I am the luckiest cat in town, as I get to start a new band with some loco-locals, and really start annoying the neighbors con ganas (with pleasure, amigos!) My friends Treva and Ernesto were in a band...they broke up...I got a drum kit whose power was fueled by ancient dreams of rocking... we got together today to fill the gaps... and it was....AWESOME. Silly pictures and posters to follow...

It looked like this.

And a little like this...kinda....sorta...(i.e. second self-indulgent photoshop poster)

Andrea shot some video. It sounded way better than this, in fact you can only hear Treva's awesome voice and most the guitars when I stop playing drums, as you can't expect much from a Canon Sure shot-camera-thingee...Trust me, it sounded awesome, and you know it looked great. Very Sexy. The song is "Fell in Love with a Girl" by the White Stripes, and we do it Awesomely-lee. eeeee.

I am happy tonight.

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