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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Talkin' bout a Revolution (day)

Father and Son revolutionaries - Mexican Revolution day 2010

Yesterday, November 20th 2010 was the celebration of the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, always a fun time every year. On this day, in the year 1910, the Revolutionary war began. While this was a time of political stability and general growth for the country, things were not good for the people's well being - thus, political unrest reared its lovely head as it's known to do in our lovely adopted country. Some of the more famous faces to come from this uprising were the revolutionaries Pancho Villa and Emilio Zapata, awesome cabrones on many fronts.

We celebrate Revolution day in Mexico with parades and small children (and some adults) dressing as revolutionaries and other traditional Mexican characters. Horses dance, Bands play, and many of us (Me!) drink much of the day. We started our day wandering the festivities, and then moving on to mid day naps right after. My kind of revolution.

If you want to know more about Sayulita's history, Revolution and the formation of it's Ejido , check out this great story from El Sayulero by Yesica Doreli Ramos Gomez HERE!

Viva la Revolution, Mexico!!

Horses dance in the streets of Sayulita

Locals check their heads out in the campo where the festivities were held this year...

More locals rocking vintage wear

My little revolutionary with his rebellious Auntie Treva

...and his big sister Astrid, looking all beautiful in Mexican garb

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