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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maurice Sendak, Carole King, the Dresden Dolls, and cartoons about rebellious kids eaten by lions, backed by tragically upbeat Goth music about seeking love - another Thursday morning in my world...

It All starts here.....with Pierre and Carole King. We always lean towards vintage kids viddy when we can, and a favorite is a collection of animated films from the mind of Maurice Sendak, godlike in our house, and this disc full of animated versions of his books includes his classic "Where the wild things are", as well as some gems you wouldn't know about unless you are a tad bit older than I am (41, bitches!). Anyhoo, the second part of this collection is backed by an all Carole King soundtrack of amazing kids songs that many 70's kids grooved on, and as adults many new fans love. After many watchings and listenings, today we bought the album and I know it will be listened to and watched throughout Maxxi's life. So great. Below is one of our fave stories, "Pierre" about a boy who just doesn't care (like me many days) but learns that it's always best to CARE (not totally sold on that idea....but its a good thought for my kid) after being eaten by a Lion. This awesome version of the animation I found has the Carole King soundtrack removed, and replaced by a cover version played by a band close to my heart, the Dresden Dolls. The band I just joined (fun!) is doing a cover of another one of their songs (see below) so they rock. Enjoy this stoney thread of musical and cartoon consciousness....

Maurice Sendak's "Pierre" - music by Carole King, performed by the Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls playing it live... great music transcends genre and time...may bore non fans...

And lastly, my fave Dresden Dolls song, which as through a dream come true (my life is full of those, by the way...) the band I am jamming with is going to play! So great. This is Coin-Operated-Boy, very awesome song and viddy.

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