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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saul Bass, Star Wars and the future of the Blah Blah Blog

After almost 5 years of blogging in this journal, started right before we left the states for Mexico, the Blah Blog is getting a face lift! I am pretty stoked as I have become bored of it's look and lack of features - such as easy wandering back through back posts, links to sites I follow, and more. Keep an eye for the big change hopefully before the new year. The visual direction I am taking it in is based around the art of Saul Bass, an American graphic designer and Academy Award winner that worked with many of the movie greats on such opening sequences design as Psycho, North by Northwest, and my fave, The Man with the Golden Arm.

Here are the opening credits for the latter, a movie about a jazz drummer who is addicted to Heroin. Love the subject matter, and love that Frank Sinatra played the drummer. The movie by Otto Preminger is pretty awesome as well, as you can see in the above trailer link.

There are alot of Saul Bass homages to modern movies out there, but here is my fave, no suprise to me or those who know me. Enjoy.

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