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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The good, the bad the cuddly

August 14th 2006 - It's Monday, blue skies, sun for days, and i am so stoked to be spending the day at home with my girls. The second girl after Andrea being our new puppy, Dulce 2. Celebrate with us that she is today 8 weeks old, and faced only one-and-a-half bouts with imminent-death-syndrome. Dulce 1, our first puppy, unfortunately died, and you know that was sad - it's not easy to be a puppy in Sayulita it seems. Happily, our new puppy, Dulce 2, is super awesomely cute and wonderful, and we hope the dark gods keep her healthy in this tropical land of doggy danger. She is a 24hour gig, but truly a new and exciting tickle in the fabric of life - as a life long cat person, I now see a new kind of friend at my feet.

Summer is in full swing, and we are deep in it. Sayulita summer brings a heat saved it would seem exclusively for sinners, and rainstorms clearly meant to wash those sins away on a nightly basis - but when its not raining, its blue skies, and tropical delight. Either way, it's amazing to be here during this time of year, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else, that is a sure thing. It would be false to make it seem like things were easy breazy on every front, because living in Mexico is awesome, but it's not always easy. Let's list some of the pros and cons, for shits and giggles, if nothing else...

The Good
* Mexico is amazing, and truly representative of a dream to us

* The beach is walking distance
* Constant flow of people glad to be here
* The day is ours
* The tequila flows like water
*Butterfly season - right now, the skies and grounds are filled with Butterfly orgies. Really. No word would better describe it, and it is awesome.
* I am in love with a pretty girl under a Mexican sun - every day

The Bad
* The roads in town - you wouldn't believe it unless you have to get home on one. Or had to have 12 construction workers dig your van off a hill.

* The bugs, Mosquitos in particular. It's a war, and the most prepared wins.
* The heat - it's fucking hot.
* Clothes are a hindrance, so style is difficult to attain. Forget a hair-style.
* Disconnection - Friends and family are far.

It's been 5 months that we have lived in Sayulita, and as it becomes our home, we become more proud of it than ever. We have had the joy of sharing it with many visitors over the last few months, which truly makes it seem like home. Where we early on felt that we would not see any of our loved ones for long days, we have loved that this was not the case. Andrea's family showing us the best time ever in Puerto Vallarta, new friends Bobby Franks and Leialani sharing pizza dinner in the jungle, Greg Brodick, and his mom Candy throwing back the margaritas with us in their great home and pool, the lovely Aguilar family sharing their beachside villa with us for a wonderful day in the sun, and 4 stoney lo9ve filled days with the uncannily relaxed Mike Thompson were great points in the recent weeks. We look forward to the months ahead, that bring more friends (Abe Wallin, and Gordy and Alicia!) and family (Billy Stoops, and the Villarrubia clan). We feel the gap between us and home getting smaller, and that is nice

Life is grand, and thehappiness is as abundant as the sweat pouring from my manly chest. I'll wrap this up with a slice of our life. We have a branch of our wedding business that is concierge for visitors to Sayulita. We advertise on-line, and today the phone rings, and a woman from Houston requests our services to find a sick friend of hers she left in Sayulita. she was worried that he may not be well, and gave us a few folks to ask about where he may be. Andrea proceeds to take the info, go into town, talk to a few folks and find the guy. He was fine, if not embarassed, and we made a good days pay for the job! Sayulita Dream Weddings and Detective Agency - has a nice ring, no?

Life in mexico, its a fucking trip

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