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Friday, July 25, 2008

Andrea's house of Fun-sies!

Fuck one-sies, these are Fun-sies, dammit! My awesome Gal, Wife, soon to be Baby-Mama, has been making the Unknown Baby the coolest first-clothes ever. The one with the little Devil on it has a tail in the back as well. The Hulk one is magically inspired, and well...Bunny with chainsaw tells you all you need to know about Andrea, and most likely her son.

I'm fixin' a hole where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wanderin'...

Our roof has been leaking when it rains hard (which it does often here), and kinda bringin' me down. Today we just had a super intense daytime rain, and we got to really take it all in. Usually I am a big fan of rain, especially in Mexico, and at my own house, but it can't help but bum ya out when your roof leaks. Today the mental mantra is that you can do very little about a force of nature like today's rain was. We are talking about amounts of rain that are going to get into the best of houses (and it does), and an environment that does major damage on your house in just a season. With that said and thought about, we are just looking at our rainy daze and summer, to quote a friend, as "Luxury Camping". We love camping, we love our house, we are not getting soaked, or even close (though one wall is a bit moist...), and we love where we are. Even when we have a hole to fix...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Dog now has her own lower level loft in Casa Loteria

With the onset of our child joining the family soon, Andrea and I thought it best to give our dog Dulce, a.k.a. Baby #1, a.k.a. Practice Baby, etc... you get it... anyway, we made some extra space for her. Since we have been getting our space and life in major order anyway, finding space was easy, we got endless love for the little pup, so her own room seemed natural. Luckily, we are oddballs enough that we already had framed pics dedicated to us and our Salchihuahua (TM) so we hung some pics in there, her fave hat, etc. Yes, we are insane, but our dog is happy, we are happy, and we cant help but smile ear to ear everytime we look down at her little apartment.

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