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Friday, October 27, 2006

A bright stoney Mexican morning....

I turned 37 a few weeks ago, and on this bright, stoney Mexican morning, I honestly couldn't feel any younger. You see, there are a number of pretty amazing things going on in this so-called life-ride that I started all those years ago, and I can't help but feel that I haven't even started to experience the greatness of my life. To say something like that at this age is truly amazing, with all that has come before today. Far-fucking-out, if ya ask me. With society's put-upon expectations delivered to us through a steady intravenous dose of TV, super models, and fashion mags (all of which i love dearly, btw), most of us battle our whole lives to get over what we have been taught to think about ourselves, and where/what/when/how/whatever we should be at every point in our lives. Have we done enough, seen enough, fucked enough, drank enough, snorted enough, questioned enough .... you get it. The reality is that there is nothing to base these questions against, but yourself, your family and YOUR life. Society can't tell me I drink too much - they have absolutely no comprehension of just how thirsty and sober I may be.

Anyway, I turned 37 a few weeks ago, and my Mom and Dad came to visit for the first time in the 6 months Andrea and I have lived here. Though always a joy to see the creators, their visit turned out to be laden with lessons and enough head-trips to weigh down the loftiest of mind-sets. Thank the dark gods for the love of a good woman, keeping the darkest of days bright all night long. Alas, I love my folks, and appreciate the reminder that Sayulita ain't for everyone, and that growing older can very much blow. I used to think that 37 was ancient, yet every day I realize that a number cannot define us, or who we are. Only we can define ourselves, how we represent and how we feel to the world. We must never forget our bodies will surely betray us in later years (some of ours sooner than others, i suspect), so we must fight the battle early, or be ready to take the betrayal as it comes.

So, I turned 37 a few weeks ago, and in about one week, we are breaking ground on the construction of our first very own casita! That's right, that dream of of being a real, honest to goodness homeowner is coming to light. Real exciting stuff, brothers and sisters. The summer was spent looking at local homes, talking to contractors and generally losing ones mind at the number of ways I could blow this. The wrong partners, poor design, blah blah blah. Well, now only a steady mind, and a solid commitment can keep us on track, and surely the progress will be discussed within this journal.

As I dive into my 37th year on the planet in this form, I know it is one thing that is and will be worshipped for all time as the golden piece to the puzzle that is my life - Andrea. My wife. My partner, better half, and inspiration to be good, bad, evil, loving and all in-between. Fuck, we have a good time, no matter what we are doing, and what we tend to do is fucking fun. I live for our time together, and being that we changed our whole lives to be able to spend all day and night together, things are great. From our morning coffee and dog walks, to our cherished late night TV-on-the-computer-hopped-up-on-wine trysts (thank you iTunes, love and italy), things are awesome, and the thought of our family growing some day is a welcome one.

It has been 9 months and 1 day since my very first post in this journal, and I marvel in the growth and change of perspective that has come with the time since. I would definetly suggest to any of our loved ones that they quit their jobs and move to mexico. What the next year will bring has me beside myself with anticipation - it's a good day when you can't wait for tomorrow.
Who says getting older is a bad thing?

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