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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today I am 39 years and 13 days old, but who's counting?

It was my birthday not long ago. Seems just yesterday I was writing about turning 38, and here I am...turned 39. I always remember when my good friend Mike Rogers turned 38 years ago (I think I was 34) it seemed he was reaching some important landmark at 40. I feel that way about myself now, excited about where I am and where I will be at 40. I have never been one to think much on my age in regards to it being negative, but more of a cool thing to be where I am as I get older. 40 seemed alot older years ago, as did 38 for a matter of fact. As evolution helps us expand our lifespan, casually making 40 the new 30, and sometime black the new brown, I find it is my body that now puts your time on earth into perspective, and my son as well. Watching him brand new, growing and only getting stronger - then the mirror shows a slight adjustment to once tighter features, wisdom lines growing deeper on ones face - well, its all just super stoney on this Sunday morning. On my birthday, Andrea took me and the boy to an old west town in the mountains called San Sebastian. Lots of cobblestoned roads, old wood, cool air and real Mexican local flavor. It was wonderful. That was then...where/when/what am I ... right now? I am a happy father, up hangin; with my Son Maximo in the living room as I do as often as I can, letting mom sleep in the bedroom after another long night of nursing and mothering. I checked my head, and am on my second cup of coffee. Instead of Sunday Jazz, we have CNN going. This presidential thing has got me all a tizzy. I am in Sayulita, my house, waiting for Godot. Till he arrives, I am happy and alive.

Maximo smiles

Maximo has started smiling....really smiling! Sure, there's some gas fun in there, but more he responds to our faces, our smiles, all around him. He is so curious and observant, pensive and wanting. He has gained a ton of weight and is just the most perfect little puff of baby. He loves to walk up your body as you hold him up, and I can already tell I am going to be chasing this kid all over the house in not too few months. He is also finding his voice, which is super fun to listen to. Gurgles turn to baby-words that one day will lead to him demanding the ATV keys. Luckily Ill get to hear "Papa" first. Maximo loves listening to his mother play Ukulele and sing... I have to say all the Villarrubia men are fans of this. Andrea has us both wanting her attention, but Maxxi is the man right now. It is beautiful to see the Mother/Son bond grow, develop and be there so naturally. Amazing.

Parenthood in Mexico

The word on the street is that Mexican women love to give lots of advice about how to raise/carry/train/wrap/feed a newborn. The legend is told from new mom to mom, and stories shared out of personal experience the first times you walk your baby in town. We now have the first of our stories, and its a curious thing to experience. The first odd-ness is the very off-putting habit of asking to "borrow" your baby. That is the direct translation to the question you get "me prestas tu bebe'?" Can you borrow my baby, you think. All these situations we address with a grain of salt, being fans of the culture here, and knowing (so far) no one means harm. Wether at the mechanic as we change our battery, or in San Sebestian, the worst part is that once you let them hold your baby (you are being kind, and not wanting to offend), they often turn and walk with your baby to their friends, the other room, kitchen, etc. Seriously. Of course we follow, and the last time it happened we just stopped them and said no. In San Sebastian, it was such a small town that it had a more comfortable feeling about it, but they seemed more passionate about walking off with your baby. Also the comments on how you are doing things, like worried looks about the carrier you have them in "isn't he going to get tired?", "he's choking!", or their bodies "his toe is infected!" (which it wasnt) paired with a worried, far too judgemental face...its just maddening. And its only been 2 months! In all seriousness, we know this comes from a good place, and Mexicans are so family and baby oriented that they only mean good. But it is still a new thing. We laugh at the thought of a complete stranger back home in the states asking to hold your baby right when they walk up to you. Crazy.

'tis the Season

The tourist season in Sayulita is starting as we speak, and with that starts our 3rd season as locals and business owners in Mexico. What this means to me is that Summer is slowly becoming a memory, and I actually have to start focusing on the job(s) at hand. Not that I mind, I am excited for this year, looking forward to experiencing a work season with the new super-powers of Fatherhood at my disposal! Its gonna be cool. I can look fondly back towards Summer, those magical work-free days, pre-baby energy....they were beautiful, but today looks pretty good too. Baby is waking up....more to come.

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