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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random pictures of us prepping for Mr. Baby


Friday, August 01, 2008

the Modelo Ochito ...another reason Eight is Great

Mexico rules. I know, I am constantly blabbing about my love for this country... I present to you yet another reason for dedicating my life to this joint... the Modelo Ochito. Modelo is the Mexican beer of choice in our house, and we all know the legendary 6-Pack of beer like an old friend. We all love the grab it, you get drunk... around here it's called having 6, or "tomando un 6"... you almost can't imagine it being better...unless you imagine it having 8 beers! Yes, Eight! Only in Mexico is the 6-Pack one-upped... or 2-upped actually. 8-packs are all the rage. Eight is great. Beer is great. 8 beers make Gab think he is great, till he gets drunk and then is suddenly not even close to great, but real close to... well, drunk. Ha! 3 cheers for the 8 pack. "When six beers just isn't enough for one person...". Anyway, till they get the 10 ready, make mine 8.

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