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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Life in photographs

I am lacking the words to write with. My brain is dry and I just can't get the head-movies to become screen-words for me or anyone. I am not sure if its the heat of the Sayulita Summer = fucking HOT, or...Is it that my mid-day drinks turn into Lazy-sauce by the time and freedom comes to write anything of value? Shit, I don't know, but here are some new pictures I totally love, and what's happening in my life. So good.

I am a Father. This is my Son.

My first Fathers Day. It sneaks up on you, and then floors you with a feeling that is like no other... of entitlement, of pride, of feeling wanted for what you finally are, after years of imagining it's possibility. What a great day. I love my Family, I love my Son, and I love my role in it all. Things are exactly as they should be.

Maximo Lobo on his first flight - Mexico to Hawaii

Traveling with an infant ended up alright. Life in general is constant and trying with a baby, not to take away from the wonderfulness of parenthood. But in all reality, it's hard work and that is no suprise. Though our flights to and from were in the 15-24 hour travel daze, he was as patient as he could be with us, Andrea nursed a bit more than usual, and we all drank drank drank.

Villarrubia Family + little golfer man, Kauai 2009

It looks like I am holding a tiny little golfer in my arms. A Midget, who just wandered into the picture from some mini-golf game. He doesn't seem to mind I picked him up - awesome! Hawaii rules. It's Mexico, except cleaner, less humid, the natives are super mellow and settled into their ways. I liked it alot. Kauai is a gorgeous island, truly a garden. I saw god a few times while boating along the Napali coast, and I don't even believe in the gal...

Comic Knight and Padawan - Other Realms Comics, Honolulu, Hawaii

This is a special moment here. This is the first time that my Son and I are together in a Comic Book shop. I am a life long collector, and I absolutely love Comic Books. I have been reading them since I first arrived in the U.S. as an illeagal immigrant all those years ago (73' for those in the know...) Whenever I was sad, sick or just needing some love, my Dad used to bring me home American Comics, and I quickly fell in love with the heroes of both Marvel and DC - though most my life i have "Made mine Marvel" as they say, as I near 40 years old, I have really been enjoying DC. Its all about Green Lantern, yo. Anyway, I look forward to Maximo enjoying my comics, as I have a huge stack waiting for him already here in Sayulita.

Maximo not eating sand = More beach time = Summer = Awesome = Tans = Good times! (awesome)

Casa Loteria 2.0 is almost done, and it rocks. 3 Bdroom, 2 bath, deluxe apt in the Jungle...

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