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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Andrea said I look like a little boy with his new puppy in this picture...

...and the literal little boy, with his first puppy, Charlie, circa way-the-fuck-back.

This is our new yet-to-be-named Puppy! "Amfi" (previously named by the foster family very lovingly"another mother fucker" because of how many foster dogs they had - a.k.a. Amfi ) was found starving, beaten, eating garbage and in bad shape with its 2 other family members by a wonderful girl named Kadri, who has fostered him for the last 3 months (i'll share pics of his original sorry state when i get them...). Our story started when I saw a picture of him on the Sayulita Life/Sayulitanimals page and honestly felt like I made a connection with this little dog through that picture. That may not sound so odd, but Andrea and I are proud "puppy/kitty pure-bred buyers" , never really wanted to adopt, and feel no shame about this. Most of our pets in our life have been bought from breeders, and assured were pure of blood, if not of attitude. While we recently adopted a tiny kitten (Puff, y'all - see below!) we have never adopted a dog that looks grown, even though its only 6 months old. Just seems odd, not normal, and took a few days to decide. Love made the decision, and we knew it would be a maturing thing for us, and a great gift for the dog. 10 minutes after Amfi was in our house, we knew we did the right thing. He is so calm, loving, and while a little sad, he is perfect. Even when Dulce (our Weinerdog/Chihuahua) went nuts over the fireworks outside, Amfi just sat there. calmly loving where he was. He is nervous, but knows we mean well. This is a special night. We have a menagerie. We have a big family of all breeds, and we are happy to have a new family member, who needs us, and we need him. Now he just needs his real name.

Super-Max, and his new buddy... minutes after arrival.

...and a great pic of Puff, just for shits and giggles. She is SO cute, dammit!!

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