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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deluxe apartment in the sky

Construction is jamming! The beginning of any job here always goes very quick. It's called the "Obra Negra" or "black work"... Mexico is funny that way. Anyhoo, they just jam through it. Here are some photos from today, just at the start of our 3rd week of construction. Roof part 1 is up, Archways are about to start, stairs are halfway done, and they are starting our super cool new foyer. Also, it seems Maximo has taken up tagging. Great, now I gotta hide the spraypaint from him as well. Life with child, always exciting.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Portrait of Mother and Son

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life with Maximo

Maximo first thing in thing in the morning

Maximo turned 8 months recently and is just flying through all sorts of fun developmental crossroads. This crazyness truly makes me really realize that I am now really entering father-land, and this is only the beginning! It's not that I did not know this before or that I wasn't a Dad already, mind you, but when your kid is an infant, there is something a little more black and white to the whole thing. Now, as he starts to do new things, and react to your every action and facial adjust, ones role in the entire love-fiasco becomes more solid. Fatherhood grows as your child grows. Ah, the child. This little nut is up to all sorts of good things, one of them is not-sleeping through the night. We have been without schedule through most of his infancy, as is usually the case, and more so with us due to the fact that we all share a bedroom. Now, this must change, and we have started to implement daytime nap schedules and set bed-times - this is helping a ton! Thanks Sleep Lady! I long to look back at the sleeping aspect of these days fondly, glad that they have passed - and hope that looking back is soon! Yawn!

Maximo on his throne

Since very early in his short life, we have been showing Maxxi the good times that can be had on a toilet. As I learned from my wonderful wife who spearheaded this movement, this is not really potty training, but "elimination communication". You get to know your babies signals, and you eventually can "catch" his pees and poos before me makes them, and he learns its way cooler to not have shit in your diaper. Everyone wins. We put him on his potty every time we change him, and we know this is going to make big boy potty training a smooth sail for all.

Maximo at the Dinner Table

Maximo has been eating for a month and a half, and food time is good times. Its one of those awesome things to see a little creature such as he do anything for the first time, and eating is just that thing. You never think about when you first tried something you didnt like in life, but we all did, and babies really let you know. We know he does not like avocado due to the absolute face of disgust he makes, while he likes carrots, chayote and banana, shown by his skill in getting it anywhere but his pie-hole (see photo). He still drinks tons of boob, and will continue to so for some time, but his diet and menu are expanding, which is awesome for a mom like Andrea. A whiz in the kitchen, she has been making all his food at home from fruits and veggies, and recently, some chicken stock. She rules.

Where he was once in our arms most the day, he is now on the floor, movin' and explorin' his new world. He now has a toy box , finding much joy in tipping it over, and re-discovering the same old toys over and over again. Re-discovery and study are key words to describe my son. He is always studying, whether its us, or some other new thing to look at and taste. We now can see that his eyes are going to stay the lovely brown they look like to me now - pure Andrea. A dream come true to be able to look into her eyes in our son as well.

I am lucky to be a father, to feel up to the challenge and to have such an amazing partner to go this through with, for the good, the bad and the exhausting - I know I have the best back up in the world, and Andrea and I always love a good adventure. And shit, we are lucky to have such an awesome kid, sleep all nite or not! He is my boy, we are a family and life never stops teaching you, though sometimes I wish it would. I hate tests, but at least I usually do pretty good at them.

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