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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tears in my Tequila - one year later

Friday, April 3rd, 4:20pm Pacific Standard Time-warp. Me and my dog are alone in Mexico, and we miss our Andrea, who is back in the USSA for reasons to be discussed later. The dog looks pretty asleep, and fairly sober, so I don't think she is completely understanding the gravity of the many nights without our lady that lie ahead, but she'll figure it out when it keeps just being me taking care of her. y'see, I am not as fun as Andrea to the dog, and the dog is not as fun as Andrea to clearly this sucks.

So much has changed since my last disparaging letter of love and loneliness, almost a full year ago in this here journal. We have settled into our town, I buy cheaper tequila than a year ago, we have a dog, a house, jobs, etc.... but none of that means anything without my woman by my side. My angel and devil, comfortably perched on each shoulder. Sure, the angel speaks louder, but I love her because she always has, and always will, have the devil in her as well. God bless.

When I last wrote this sort of love-sick diatribe, that day I was out looking for land where a dream of a house would be built... today, I write this letter of love in that very house. A house that means nothing, and would not be here if not for my woman, her strength, and accumulated gifts of support and creation she has showered the house and all us in and around it. She is my muse, and I sing her song.

My wife has taken on the lioness' task of flying back to our old stomping grounds and in 1 short week: going through our storage units, removing what no longer fits in our lives, documenting the rest, getting Mexican immigration to approve us taking it back to Sayulita, getting rid of the remains, moving, boxing, packing, and then with the wonderful support of her dad Billy (who is driving from Kentucky to Cali to support us on this endeavor) they are both going to drive back down to Sayulita with our stuff in tow! *whew* I'm tired just writing it. Not to mention, the number of our wonderful friends she is going try desperately to see that week, a big birthday party for our buddy Gordy at the end of the week, as well as his band, the Forgotten, playing the night before in their hometown of San Jose - well, its going to be a full week, and she is the Woman for taking it on. What is so awesome is that Andrea has become fully functional to be the main communicator and manipulator of the entire trip down to Mexico, crossing border, customs etc. She has got it down and understands Mexico - with the experience of this last year and the culture dive it has been for us both, and her wonderful Spanish, it's so far out, yet more far In. It's not easy to communicate and get things done in Mexico, and its often more about the effort than the perfect language - her kindness, openness, and just plain Andrea-ness (fave new word) is overwhelming (I like her smile too). Its all truly cool - When I first met Andrea, she didn't really even like going in the sun - now she is the sun under a Mexican sky. I would like to kiss her right now, for every day Ive known her. Lots of kissing. And whatever - kissing, after all, is a gateway physical gesture of love.... alas, as I stated earlier, she ain't here...

Next time I see my gal, she is going to be showing up at our door, OUR DOOR (y'know, the one with the star in the middle, on the purple house) with a big kiss and hug for me, and a truck full of our stuff. The stuff we dragged through our whole lives, and then later brought into our lives together. That may be one of the special-est days for quite a while...but Andrea and I have alot of special days, so who knows. It will be something else to integrate the things we love from our past lives, into this house we built and country we moved into from our new lives. Man, that is going to be something else, indeed.

a kiss before dying:

Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. I was made for loving you baby, you were made for loving me. Just one night, just one night, In the name of love, one night in the name of love. Don't leave me this way, I can't survive without your sweet love. You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs,
I look around me and see it isn't so, some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, whats wrong with that, Id like to know, cuz here I go again!

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