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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best. Valentines. EVER.

It's funny, because pretty much any holiday, special event, day, night, morning, noon, drink, dinner, movie, burger.... etc, is the best ever, due to all that is around me - my wonderful wife and partner Andrea, my dynamic and ever changing son Maximo, and the blessed life we built here in our paradise of Sayulita. With that said, this was such a great Valentines day, even for people who actually love a day that celebrates love. The memory of it made my Monday tough, my Tuesday Sad, and my Wednesday just too far away from that magical Sunday. Ah, Sunday. My first "day off" without arrivals at my rental homes, a full day with my family, surfing, eating, drinking, and lots of loving. It fucking rocked. Here is what it looked like, and felt like.

A morning walk with my boy, on the way to our fave Rollie's breakfast, and general good times.

Hottest wife ever. Andrea looking all fit and hot in her new suit (from yours truly!)

"Petting the pussy" - me touching the water while riding a nice little long-board wave - my first time doing this, I was pretty stoked. I was riding Andrea's new board, which i loved!

My surfer girl, looking awesome as she exited the water. A pink and blue daydream....

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