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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I crashed my ATV and almost died

Just the other day, Saturday to be exact, Andrea and I almost died on our ATV. Our ATV did die. We were doing a poor 3-point turn at the top of a hill, with little space to move (bad start). Things were a little uneasy, and we thought that Andrea should get off. As she was, I felt the bike accelerate and the brakes I was pressing werent doing it. I went backwards off a hill (see picture to left), and dropped about 15 feet / 5 mt. The bike flipped and got lodged between the red building below, and I landed right next to it, or better said, it landed right next to me... and not on me. Its all a blur, but Andrea said I immediatly got up and said I was ok... Then I remember being ok. My hand still hurts, but at least it didn't really ruin our day. We even went on to throw a wedding that afternoon, hours later. Crazy. There were some guys near-by (as always in Mexico), ready to lend a hand. That ruled, and we moved the bike off the house, and took off to keep working. All afternoon Andrea and I felt sore, both scratched up, but above all else, stoked to be OK, walking, talking, and not in the hospital, or worse... Our pal Wyeth helped us get it out of the muck a few days later, and the little bike is getting a fixing as we speak.

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what "could have been", but really, it just proves that I am unstoppable. har har.

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