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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainy daze and Tuesdays never get me down

The Rains are here. All year I have been buggin' out, waiting for the rains, praying for the rains, the literal water of life around here....and here they are! Though we did get a little rain last week, this is the first 2+ day rain we have had this season. It started raining Sunday, and has kept going since. What exactly does this coming of first rain mean to us? Well, on the good side, the plants are singing, full of life, standing up straight, and just loving life... the dust is matted, cleaned off the walls, washed from the cars, the paint gets it's color back... the breeze is cool, misty, lovely to hang out in and around... Jazz sounds best on days like this... coffee and bourbon taste real good on days like this... shirts remain optional... On the bad side, the roads often get un-drivable... hard ground turns to deep mud, puddles and pitfalls are the name of the game... you look up and your beautiful brick roof is spotted and threatening to drip down on you... the power goes out constantly... and getting around is just a bummer sometimes...but none of that matters! Its raining, we have nowhere we have to go that we can't go to in dryer times, and our house is just a great fucking place to be today. My lovely wife is by my side, my baby is cooking in the momma-oven (Week 30 y'all!!), my pup is hiding under pillows (not a fan of the rain) and I ain't going anywhere. You can't make me. It's a rain day.

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