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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

King Maxxi, starter of the Wild Rumpus

Oh, what a night. Andrea and I love Halloween, its been a big part of our relationship and lives together. Over the last few years we have kinda dro
pped off the costume band-wagon with little fan-fare. This year, everything is different, and more importantly, it's all new, thanks to a little guy we call "King Maxxi". Our son has re-started all old things as new, as we get to see them through his eyes, listen to them through his laugh, and live them with him in our lives. His Mother, my darling Andrea has a fire in her that can only burn from the love of Motherhood. She and our amazing friend and soul-sister Lisa Brewer made Maxxi his own "Lobo" costume to rule over the Wild Things with, and Mom was his very own Wild Thing Moishe. I took off my costume, and let me freak flag fly, and all was good in the world. After an awesome time in the Sayulita plaza handing out candy to the cries of "Queremos Halloween!" (We want Halloween), the battle cry of sugar crazed Mexican and Gringo kids alike, we ended the evening at an awesome party at our dear friends the Koch's home. Good thing they live next door, because their "Bloody" Margaritas put me in the grave....early.

I can't wait for Christmas.

Sayulita, where the real wild things are...

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