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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lip Service Mexico style

I grew a handlebar Moustache recently. The process getting to here was a big, funky, super fun beard, that was the biggest ever grown in my 38 years of life, so that was cool. I love new things, and things that have suddenly, oddly seemed "age appropriate", whatever the fuck that means. I often say and write things that I never expect to say and write, like that last sentence, but that is ok. Im "OK" with it. With me. With whatever! That is one of the many comforts I feel within the warm coccoon of my age and place in life.

The lip caterpillar did not last very long - much like the caterpillar in real life, it had to go didnt turn into a lovely butterfly, but my top lip is quite nice to look at, so that's that. I honestly thought it looked pretty far out, but I really really love when my wife looks at me and finds me attractive, and I dont think the 'Stache works those buttons in her yet. Maybe in a few years, when i lose more hair. Thats a nice thought.

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