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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Something wicked this way comes...

The little person you see to the right is my baby. Yes, my baby! It seems thru the miraculous wonders of love, sex, biology and pure animal passion, Andrea and I have made a little creature all our own! Holy shit. This is the coolest thing ever.

I am that guy who always wanted to be a father, with that tugging feeling that it was something I would be good at. There was even a point in my life, where my hope was to have children much earlier, around 27 I had planned. ha! Plans... Being now 38, I know I was not ready then, and for obvious reasons the universe agreed. Now are different times. We have been hoping to get in a family way for some time, but didnt really make solid moves in that direction till recently... Its nice that it has all come together at the most perfect time ever... in a place we love, that allows and demands a slower pace not previously afforded to us, and with the time and freedom we need to raise our child in the way we want. For years we talked and dreamed about being able to slow down for the first years of our childs life, but never thought we would be there. And now we are, and it rules.

Andrea is just finishing her third month, and every day that passes brings another gentle tug towards the amazing reality that at the end of the Summer we will have a boy/girl/thing in our lives. What a wonderful feeling to face such an amazing, life marking point without fear or pressure from the world we were used to. We feel blessed, and I personally know much of my strength comes from having such an amazing woman as the mother of my baby. Andrea is a iron love machine, so strong, warm, and the perfect replicant love womb. She is going to be the most wonderful mother, and I can already feel the warmth of her light growing stronger and more amazing with each passing day. It's gonna get blinding... To not only have your best friend be your wife, but to also be able to create a family, a little representation of your love together - that is the most wonderful thing of all. It's gonna be a great summer...

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