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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in the U.S. Groove

Holy fuck, life is totally bizarre right now. It's not, but it kind of is, in small ways. Life is awesome for all the great best friend and wife Andrea, my dynamic and always changing son, Maximo, my family and our home. But the last few months have been odd. I have been looking forward to getting some of my thoughts down for some time, for reasons to be discussed immediately, I have kept a low online presence for a while. Keeping a long story short, here is my nationality story...I have been trying to become a US citizen for a while, totally deserve it, and was almost across the finish line... but suddenly my last few years in Mexico gave the old U.S.Gov't pause, and they said no to me being a citizen... and then they made me jump through a few hoops. Fuck 'em. Look, the whole thing is over, I am going to be an American Citizen on March 18, and I deserve it. All the little details be damned, I have been a legal resident of the US for 35(!) years, and deserve this, no matter where I hang my Sombrero these days. So there. I am back, not hiding and stoked to be not only free...but American, Argentine American that is...

So let's get back to writing about the things that matter to me most...

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