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Monday, July 14, 2008

I get to meet my son in just a few more weeks

Andrea is in her 34th week of pregnancy, 5 weeks to go, and things are super fucking exciting. We spent Sunday "nesting" as they call it. We do alot of this anyway... loving your home, and making it a warm and perfect place...but now we are doing it with the baby in mind.. and it is very special times. We set up the crib-thing we have, we go thru the great little clothing, we talk, sing, imagine the baby... its pretty cool. Today we went to our monthly Dr. visit (with a new doc, if you can imagine that - seems our dr. is on vacation!) and things went wonderfully, as they have gone thru this pregnancy. Andrea had some great questions for the doc, he did an ultrasound, and showed us the neatest views of our boy to date - pretty crazy the detail you can see of the boy's face and penis/ball combo! Neat! Wherever we go, we are looking for things that connect us with our pending parenthood. Super surreal, totally primal it would seem to me. We are all born for it, but when it is happening to you, you really see just how good your scores could be at this new challenge. Crazy shit, super cool, super Dad comin'...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot Pregnant Chick + Pink Balloon + Dachshund

As of today, when you search the internet for the above group of words (pervert!!) this is what you will get.

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