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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lovin' the oldies...

I am really digging my age. I'm 38 and 3 months now (who's counting?) , and couldn't feel any better, happier or luckier in my life. Now, I would be a liar if I said my body isn't changing with that age. How? Well, my ankles and feet hurt most the time, symptoms of 2 things... 1) running for a number of years now, on generally rough Sayulita terrain 2) age, baby! ... I don't mind becoming my father (quite dig it, actually), but I dread becoming my mother... for her body rebelled on her! Damn our bodies! Anyway, she has really bad legs and feet, and I know my issues are different, but it feels time to care for the aches and pains one could easily ignore... After the ATV crash and burn, my hands hurt all the time. My left hand cant take alot of weight, and that is a bummer. Its funny, it just kinda seems it may stay like that. Healing halt... must ....stop...aging. ha. Besides that, things are good in body land. I personally think I am getting better looking (like thats possible) with age, the lines of life becoming a little story on my face. Its character, I like to tell myself...and character rocks. How can you not love your age, when somedays you look back and feel lucky to be alive! I mean it.... some of the shit I have done to and in my body are just plain crazy, and I loved every one of them. Sure, Im glad that my intake of certain underground potions, ground magic powders, and elixers have come to a nearly complete end, but I will look back at the freedom and wonton abandon of my recent youth, and always smile with rememberence. No regrets except not being able to keep it up, without destroying my life. That barely even makes sense, so lets move on.

Another thing about this point of life is that I seem to be developing an increasingly joyous love of others older than me... talking to them, hanging out with them, planning to destroy the younger generation with know...the usual. This isn't some crazy forward-thinking thought, but just one I have been dwelling on. Folks beyond my age tend to leave me with something new, something learned, something burned... another reason the future looks bright, even when short on clear, concise memories.

This year feels good...feels like some amazing things are going to happen. Things that couldn't have happened when I was 27 and a half. Or even 27 and 3/4. Only during the 38th year of this dark gentleman could the magic I feel ahead happen... at least my wife keeps me young. Love that younger woman!

Youth is the past, man! Old is the future! And to put it all in perspective, in the everlasting, time-less words of Janis Joplin... "It's all the same fucking day man..."

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