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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I like Mexico, and it likes me

On the 27th of March, just a few days ago, it was the one year anniversarry of our arrival to Sayulita. In celebration of this grand day, and the fact that not only are we staying, but this week Andrea is heading back to the old USSA to get the remains of our belongings - I present a few reasons why we like Mexico.

In Mexico, you can build a house for what it costs to get your building permits in San Francisco.

In Mexico, you can mix Clamato, soy sauce, Worcester sauce, Tabasco and Beer, and its the most popular drink around. Its called a Cielo Rojo (red sky) Michelada, and they rule.

In Mexico, you can paint your house bright purple, and it fits right in.

In Mexico, you get used to seeing scorpions - and killing them. It's the fading of the fear they caused thats so cool. "Scorpion Radar" is an aquired skill you gain over time. Not to be confused with Spidey's "spider sense".

In Mexico, you can work all day in your underwear, drinking beer and tequila, with your dog on your lap, and still be productive.

In Mexico, you are always just a boat ride or bus ride to a new undiscovered part of the country, and you will most likely be the only person there.

In Mexico (Sayulita in particular) you never have to wash your car, becuse it will just be covered in dirt the next day. This only applies to Gringos, the local mexicans wash their cars every day.

In Mexico, drinking is a skill, often practiced from very early morning.

...though there are many more, my fave is the fact that living in Mexico has granted me the freedom to hang out with my wife and dog all day, work on our own schedule, and live in a place that was once that great vacation place we dreamed about living in. Nothing is perfect, and life is definetly not easy here (look for my next list "why Mexico is so frustrating-crazy-difficult to live in" coming soon) but if hard work and some struggle allows me to live in a fashion that was only a dream once, then bring it!

As Journey once sang, don't stop believing. The lessons never stop coming, and the joy of life in tow. Andrea and I always reflect on the fact that we live in the place that once was our favorite vacation spot. The place we all have, that you say "can you imagine living here? No way..." Well, we aren't rich, we aren't braniancs, but we sure didnt settle for the life we had when we knew that there was something out there we wanted more. Blah blah blah, I know... I just can't stop being stoked for where we are.

Viva Mexico, Viva Amor!

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