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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the Sayulita Surf Journal
"La Sirena"

Andrea Villarrubia, mi Sirena y la Sirena No. 23

I had a Surfboard made for Andrea this Christmas, and she is called La Sirena No. 23. Andrea, like myself, had a board we brought down from the states when we only dreamt of being surfers in Sayulita. Alas, we did not surf for years, but the bug has bit us, and we are actually now getting in the water and hitting the waves with our novice skills, full of will to surf. Her board was just too short for the sort of waves we want to surf (traditional long board waves), so this was keeping her off the waves. I took it upon myself to work with this great company called ATL Surfboards in Guadalajara, and design a board for her to fly on. Aimee and Marco from ATL were awesome, worked with me on every detail, and even delivered it right around Christmas - they rule! I designed the board to look like a big Mexican Loteria Card, with our lucky number 23 on the top, and the "Sirena" motif, Andrea's familiar, like the devil is mine... it came out fucking amazing, and looks sooo good on her!

Husband and Wife, Devil and Siren, Enclote beach, pre-first surf together!

Andrea and I do everything together, are not only husband and wife, but best friends and much like coke, everything goes better with Andrea. I have been doing some awesome surfing with my pals, but I really wanted to surf with Andrea. Having a baby keeps you from doing lots of things together, but with the Grandparents and Uncle in town, we were able to break in Andrea's board and our shared rides at Enclote beach in Punta Mita. Awesomeness ensued.

Satan and Sirena, riding in for another beer....

Not only did we both catch 3-4 waves, on the last one, we rode it in together! For us newbies, this is totally cool, and what I call an "endless summer" moment. Too cool! We were high all-night on this moment...

I had a dedication put on the bottom of the board for the love of my life...

"To Andrea,
my Siren, who called me to the shores and saved my life,

Truer words have never been written,
spoken, or screamed from the tree-tops.

I love my surfer girl.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


(L to R) Nona Cristina Villarrubia, Marcelo Jr., Andrea, Me, Maximo and Nono Marcelo Villarrubia

The Villarrubia Family, together again for the first time in 20 years!

It's been 20 years since I had seen my brother, and as a family, we have not spent a Christmas together in even more time than that. This year Andrea and I hosted X-mas in Sayulita, and here is a photo we took less than an hour after picking up my bro from the airport. It's been a special week to say the least.

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