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Monday, February 01, 2010

The Newest Year of all

Team Awesome

The new year started with a delicious variety of ups and downs - the Ups being as always stuck in a gravity field around my world, my life, my wife, my son. Things are awesome in my house, and in my life. I am in love with my family, Son and Wife. The New Year came and went, and after an amazing Holiday with all our family, guest-starring a gaggle of Grandparents, we settled into the new year with our ATV being stolen from in front of our house. Boo! On our secluded, safe, secure little street with no name. So lame, you stupid street with no name. Extra sad that my work vehicle was gone, wary of all locals, life went on - now with me riding a my bicycle through town and getting more exercise by default. I guess that is...well, lame.

Me and My Boy, between kisses and punches

The morning that Andrea noticed the ATV was stolen, she looked so shocked as she approached me...all I could think was that something happened to our son. Luckily, that was not the case. Just one in a million moments that all that matters is my Son, My Maxxi, el Maximo Lobo. I love that kid. He grows and changes every day - example: The day after my folks left, he started hitting. Me. Hard. My previously sweet, perfectly behaved baby, hitting his daddy = Sad Daddy. I had a few tough days working through this, and more to come for sure, but know this, you without children, it was not easy. A glimpse of the challenges that await me. It's pretty simple: I love him SOOOO much. He MUST love me the same. I am sure once we can actually talk things will be easier, but there has been much settling lately, and we have been doing what I feel is great first-time-parenting through this little new challenge. He is a great kid, we are pretty much working at getting "best new parents" ribbons at the award ceremony, and we couldn't be in a better place to work this all out.

Easy Rider indeed....

More new things - the silver lining of my ATV being stolen is that by hook or crook of finding the next vehicle to get me around town for work, i stubled upon a Mexican-built, Russian-made 2003 Boxkoa 2 Stroke Motorcycle. Now, mind you, I am just repeating things told to me. I know little-to-nothing about Motorcycles, am quite intimidated by them, and know the risks - but that is all over-powered by the reality of how fucking cool I am going to look riding one. I just got it today, and immediately stripped it of all its garish stickers, goo and gunk - and prepped it for the awesome Jet Black paint-job I am going to give it this week. Of note is that I do not know yet how to ride a moto, but It's gonna look rad when I do. Just like I start bands...look good first, figure out the math later. Wish me luck!

He's got the whole world in his hands...

My Son loves Music. He dances when we put music on (that plays in our house all day long - all types, all volumes, all day baby!), he bangs on a drum the second you pull it out, and lovesthe guitar (or 'Tar), thanks to Grandpa Billy. This kid is going to rock. It's in his blood - His Grandpa is music in human form, his Daddy has lived and breathed Rock n' Roll since he knew what it was, and we live in a country where music is played loud and proud daily.

Oh yeah. Happy New year!

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