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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Dog now has her own lower level loft in Casa Loteria

With the onset of our child joining the family soon, Andrea and I thought it best to give our dog Dulce, a.k.a. Baby #1, a.k.a. Practice Baby, etc... you get it... anyway, we made some extra space for her. Since we have been getting our space and life in major order anyway, finding space was easy, we got endless love for the little pup, so her own room seemed natural. Luckily, we are oddballs enough that we already had framed pics dedicated to us and our Salchihuahua (TM) so we hung some pics in there, her fave hat, etc. Yes, we are insane, but our dog is happy, we are happy, and we cant help but smile ear to ear everytime we look down at her little apartment.

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