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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mondays on the other hand...

Ok, today is Monday, and what a crazy monday! We started the day with a sleepy snooze-fest, in the awesome embrace of my wonderful wife...then bang! Monday hit and then some. It seemed it rained all night, and kept raining all day. We had an early meeting with some potential Property Management clients, and even though the meeting started late due to roof leaks, and having our contractor over, we got the job! Yay? Who knows. Work sucks some days even on your own terms, how about that for a drab, good for nothing, "sin verguenza" Monday attitude? I know, i stink. Really, we are stoked to have landed the gig, and they are very nice then got right to work with said clients reviewing the to do list for their home. Then I had to go meet some guests staying at one of our other rental homes, and our vehicle could not make it down our amazingly muddy road to town. Really. So, on the ATV I went, returning home soaked, to find my Andrea battling the never ending run-down of water from various corners of our roof. Not fun. With that said, now we are home, the rain just stopped at 6pm, and are sure to warm up around each other and the TV. Oh, and I also, 1 day later, figured out how to post that video. Still working on the quality, but dig this for now. Ok, Monday is almost over.

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