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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The circle is now complete...I was but the learner, now I am the Master.

Watching "the Crawl" with my son for the first time. I cried the entire time, barely able to make it through all the words as I read them to him. True love.

So many dreams coming true. I have slowly been infiltrating Maximo's mind with all things awesome = what Daddy loves. Since he already loves his Momma Andrea, next on that list were comics, and his love affair immediately commenced. What started with neat pictures on Daddy's T-shirts, has become a full on obsession with reading Daddy's comics, and looking at such awesome heroes as "Geen Lawnten" and "Super-Batman". Next, naturally, has been Star Wars - which not surprisingly, sounds like "Staw Wars" when he says it - a little southern, a little retarded. Nice. It's amazing what kids lock into. From the first time Maxxi saw a picture of Yoda, he was hooked. He didn't have to know anything about our diminutive Jedi, he just knew he loved him and wanted to know more. Any little green guy was Yoda. I promised to show him more, and as his ability to sit still strengthened like the Force, I sat him down to watch the most kid friendly/fan frustrating installment in the Star Wars movies - the Phantom Menace. Though he only made it through half and not even to Yoda (a great accomplishment!), he was blown away. He talks about "Robots" all day (silly kid, they're DROIDS!), makes pitch perfect lazer sounds, and can say "Darth Vader" . Really. Darth Vader.

Before having a kid, I often spoke of what I looked forward to in regards to being a Dad - well, this is it.

the face (and dropped jaw) says it all ...


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