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Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to Black(berry)

When we left the states 4 years ago as of March 27th, one of the main things we broke free of was the constant communication with our offices, via the hand-held-cuffs that were our Blackberrys, Trios, or whatever your palm-poison is. At our last place of business in the old world, they happily bought us top of the line "smart" phones, so that we were on email 24-7....and we were. Our bosses knew that we were always checking emails at all hours. With the business we were in - Video Game production of all things - there was no sleeping, it was constant, and there were always artists at the studio, 24 hours a day. Seriously. Sounds like a joke in hindsight, but its true, and they are still there working all night. Makes making games not seem fun, and it wasn't really.

So, we left the states and our link to the modern world. About 4 months after getting here, we got our first cell phone. A simple, semi-archaic piece of plastic, no bells, no whistles...shit, not even a color screen! But, it had a Mexican number, and that was good enough for us! As time passed, about a year later, we got a second phone, so Andrea and I each had one. Fun. Good times. This next one had a color screen, and a few more whistles. Yay. Phones. As the years passed, new businesses were started, times got busy, and we settled into our new lives. Slowly, we had to update our service plans, were making way more calls, and we were creeping back towards being on the phone all the time. Weird how slowly, it's all relative, and even paradise can bear the weight of one's old life.

My story leads us to last week, when my simple but functional Ericcson phone took a dive down my 2 story stairs. My need for a new phone lined up with the fact that lately I have so many arrivals in a day at my rental homes that I am out of the office for 6 hours, then come home to 3 hours of email work. Ugg. So, I upgraded to a Blackberry Curve. The circle is complete. I have returned to the fold, and am now well on my way to having sore thumbs from texting all day, and getting "Blackberry eyes" from staring at a tiny screen all day. On the bright side, I have cut in 1 week my email work at home in half, and that rocks.

Welcome back to the dark-side, little Jedi.

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