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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"We're not very good, but we're pretty fucking Awesome"

It may sound silly, but this is my new band. I have no doubt that some time in the next few years, this motley crue and maybe a Diablo or 2 will make music in the form of a "band". I believe in the old school way of forming a band - get a great name (check, thought of it myself, bitches), get some good lookin' band members (check), get some big-motherfucking-mariachi hats (check), take a picture. Check ese'. Next = music.

I play drums. I am also what is often referred to as the "heart and soul" of a band. I don't write many lyrics, but the ones I do write will make you cry. hard.

Want to know more about the band and it's super awesome members? Stay tuned. Awesomeness to ensue.

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