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Monday, January 18, 2010


As I sit here at Command Central watching and listening to my wife deal with some of our wedding clients, I find myself amazed. Though I'm well-known to be quite fascinated by the magic cave penguin that is my Andrea, some moments... I dazzle even deeper. I slide.

She is juggling about a million facts and figures, minutia to some, the dazzling details to some lucky bride blessed to be working with my in-house wedding planner. She has just finished an hour phone call with one Bride-2-be, and is right back into it with this next ear-full of wants and wants-not, and ... she keeps it together, does not show any disdain, nor pain for what she is being put through - instead she generates calm and confidence in her Brides, and truly has it all together and in control. So cool. She looks real pretty too while she does it, I'm staring at her right now, she can't tell, but boy. She is beautiful.
To see her son look at her is a whole 'nother bag of awesomeness. He just loves to love her and all her glory, He lives his every little moment for the next time he will see her, and shows that love when she enters his space. He is just like his Dad, 'cept Dad should remember more often to cheer every-single-time his lovely wife walks into the room like his Boy does - God knows Andrea deserves it... Old guys forget sometimes, and shouldn't.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Andrea is awesome.
just one moment, in a million moments she does something that makes me love her even more.

My wife most awesome, and her love cult

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