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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have built a Treehouse

"Treehouse" by I'm from Barcelona
I've been climbing rocks and stones, been collecting broken bones
I've been swimming across the lakes
, just to find this perfect place
I got lost into the woods,
I've been covered up in mud
I've been going through a lot
just to find this perfect spot
I have built a treehouse

Nobody can see us

it's a you and me house

What lies behind the Red Wall? Casa Loteria as seen from the street - new front wall free of vines, purple new level peeking over.

In November of 2006, just 8 months after moving full time to Mexico, we began construction on our little house in the jungle, the magically dubbed "Casa Loteria", named after our love of the Mexican art/card game, and that Andrea and I feel we won the lottery when we found each other and this life we live. Over the years since, we have added a bit of yard here, some grass there, steps, walls, vines, more roof, washrooms, tiles, blocks, paint, paint and more paint, and then...some more paint (it peels quick in these here parts!). Life was grand, we loved our house, and here we were ...happy. Then along came Maximo, and our dream of building a second floor became a mission. With some saving and good-karma-kreation, in April 2009 we began construction on our second floor, that would include our new bedroom, Maximo's room, and leave the bottom floor for visitors, eating, and watching the viddy.

7 months later, here we are. Our dream house. Just about done, barring some exterior walls without painting. My family arrives on Saturday, and we are so proud and happy to be welcoming them to our home, our hide-away, our Tree-house.

As you enter through the front door, you can head down left to the garden, down the stairs right to our kitchen, den and workspace, or straight to the new living room, roof and bedrooms.

The view from the Garden area

Our new living room at night - so big, so perfect for a 15 month old baby to run around without breaking too much (except the X-mas tree!)

Our new upstairs bathroom - the SF room, as it reminds us of San Francisco bathrooms of yore. We love it!

What was once side yard, is now a lovely stairway up and down through the house. Its amazing to think what the house used to be like, and what it has become. Too cool.

Maximo's room! We built him a little loft/bed that when he is old enough, will be his perfect hide-away. For now, he has a crib, his big boy bed on the ground where we read books, and then his loft for the future! he loves it.

Mom and Dad's room. Dark Dark Dark green is the groove, no crib is the upgrade.

Come visit.

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