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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


making blue-room music! (photo Donna Day)

My father in law, the honorable Billy Stoops, has been chillin' out with us in la Casa Sayulita for the last 2 weeks. He is one of the coolest cats I have ever known, and God-damn, I feel lucky to call him family. He not only had a major hand in making my favorite girl in the world, my wifey Andrea - he also has all the love and affection my son, his grandson, has to offer. Billy is a musician, guitarist and singer, but what he really plays are your heart-strings with all the love and affection he gives to all he knows. We are over-flowing with his kindness, support and wonderful guidance that we all learn from. He is leaving in a few days, and though we are sad, we are already planning his next visit, and the bright future we all have together as the most important unit - a family.

Father and Daughter, a beautiful sight (photo by Donna Day)

Mi Familia mas guapa! (photo by Donna Day)

My main man, mi padre postiso, the Pancho, to my Villa(rrubia).... (photo by Donna Day)

Generations of love (and good looks!) (photo by Donna Day)

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