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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Me!

...and to all the other Fathers I share this awesome job with... My Dad Marcelo and his Father before him, My Mom's Dad Pascual, my "Brothers in Arms"- all my friends who are the best dads a modern man can be, and My "other" Dad, Billy Stoops whom I want to be more like every day - every one of you have paved the way and remind me every day how to be a better Dad to my son.

Ya can't be a Father without a kid, and I am so thankful for Maximo. My boy. My light, love and compass...and it points right to Andrea, my wife, partner, and Maxxi's Mom. To be the "Daddy" to her "Mami" is amazing, a song sang from our Son's mouth, and I'll end on that.

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