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Friday, June 18, 2010


June 18, 2010... for those of us that live in a town that cares when the first rains come...well, today we care. The rains came last night, and to make sure we all know they meant it, they came again today. Rains. 2 hours. 3 hours and counting. Real rains. In Mexico, you take the rains seriously. They can feed your plants, wash the dust away, or bring rain right into your living room (that kinda sucks!). Mostly, they are just awesome. I welcome them home. Certain songs I always throw on during these first rains. Chet Baker, Rickie Lee Jones...and in this case, Van Morrison. Truly, because this first rain stoned me...

Half a mile from the county fair
And the rain keep pourin down
Me and billy standin there
With a silver half a crown
Hands are full of a fishin rod
And the tackle on our backs
We just stood there gettin wet
With our backs against the fence...

Oh, the water
Hope it don't rain all day

And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like jelly roll
And it stoned me...
And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like goin home
And it stoned me...

Then the rain let up and the sun came up
And we were gettin dry
Almost let a pick-up truck nearly pass us by
So we jumped right in and the driver grinned
And he dropped us up the road
We looked at the swim and we jumped right in
Not to mention fishing poles

Oh, the water
Let it run all over me

On the way back home we sang a song
But our throats were getting dry
Then we saw the man from across the road
With the sunshine in his eyes
Well he lived all alone in his own little home
With a great big gallon jar
There were bottles too, one for me and you
And he said hey! there you are...

Oh, the water...

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