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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gabbi and Nick - Dads most awesome, Fathers day 2010

Fathers and Children

Today was Father's day, and I had the honor of spending it with another great Pop, my pal Nick Sherman. He is a good friend, husband, father and all around often-do-well. I feel lucky to have the people like him in my life. It was truly such a great day - I slept in till 9:30am, while Andrea entertained the boy, then when i woke, I was fed a lovely breakfast and told to run off to a 1.5 hour acupuncture and massage session with our good pal Micheal
Abramson. So relaxing. From there, i went home, opened so many awesome gifts with my family, drank, smoked and off to La Lancha we went. We spent a great day with our lovely friends, surfing, sunning and enjoying the most mellow, perfect Sunday. I am spoiled, and am the luckiest Dad ever.

Maximo and Astrid, the 2 best kids a couple of awesome Dad's could dream of!

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