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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Andrea has recently started a Facebook page to keep in contact with some friends, and secretly spy on others. I join in on the latter bad behavior, as being a digital voyeur is what the internet is all about in my opinion, and I love bad behavior. Opting for having our own webpage from the early days, we never really jumped into the mySpace trend when it was all the rage, and kept out of Facebook till recently. There has always been something about "social networking" that never sat right with me, but I stand to be seen as a hypocrite as I do have quite a solid online presence. I don't know, I just feel that what Facebook is all about isn't what I am all about. With that said, lately we have had quite a bit of Facebook time in our house, catching up with some lost friends, seeing their faces after a long time, and seeing their lives. It's funny that it takes this thing to see what friends are up to, yet sending an email or phone call (yeah right, phone call??) to catch up often is the last thing we do. Fascinating. Maybe that's what we are evolving into, animals that want more short touch bases that allow more privacy while sharing. Don't even get me started on Twitter...

Today when checking out an old friends Facebook, seeing his life, and what he has been up to, I was bombarded with feelings, missing, longing, a slight tinge of missing the city life some of the old pals are up to.... so I wandered over to, and checked out my latest posts. Then I read Andrea's last 2 posts on
!Que Madre! again (tear-jerkers, beware!), and reveled in the love in this house. I went for a run in the jungle this morning that was awesome. It's awesome I am surrounded by jungle to go running in! Andrea took a walk through similar jungles with friends and babies this morning. Yay jungles! I think on all this, and grab onto those feelings of longing, and cherish them because clearly I miss my friends, and I should reach out more. That tinge of city life now seems more a drop of envy of not getting to spend time with all those wonderful people when they get together, but the location could be any, as I can't think of anyplace else on the planet I would rather be.

What am I writing about? Well, I think Facebook is funny, and I wont have my own page anytime soon. It's nice to see what old friends are up to. The city looks shiny and fun from afar, but up close it probably isn't for me these days. The jungle is awesome, I am glad it is my neighbor and backyard. I love where I live. That's all f
or now.

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