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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Good Night

I put my son to bed most nights by reading him 2 bedtime books. This is a special moment for me, as being a father in the first year of a baby's life can often feel like you are second fiddle to the always awesome and important Mom. It is easy to be a bit jealous of this amazing connection your son has with his Mother, and no matter how much you know, read, understand, it just kinda hurts some times. Thus, these precious 20 minutes every night are pretty special. Tonight they got even better.

My Son started talking a few weeks ago with the word "Doggie". Super awesome, fun, and great to see him connect word to thing. He has been flirting with sounds that seem to be "mamamama" and a mix of what could be a "daddy + doggie" combo. Tonight, as we opened the first bedtime book, he made his little giggle of excitment, I started to read... and he turned his little head up towards me, put his hand on my face, smiled and said "Daddy".

Tonight is a good night.

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