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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Rain of the season

The first rains are here! Fuck yes. I love rain, and Sayulita is a great place to dig it in... expansive views, muddy roads, hot days...a rain really makes you take stock of your situation around here. The last 2 years I kept talking about the rains coming early and all the locals kept sayin "later! later!". Not this year. You can just tell things are starting early, rains, winds, tremendous mind-altering heat...oh lord... things may be different this year, and Summer may really put the screws to ya... but I am ok with that! Lets go.

My son is just 9 months old, and today was the kind of day where he did nothing but sweat, and I and his mother did nothing but we are all just a big ball of moisture...sound shitty? Well, it takes some getting used to, but that is life in Paradise. Nothing comes for free kids, never forget that.

Picture: Maxxi and I on a rainy day in Sayulita, May 2009

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