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Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Baby-momma

I love my wife. She is more beautiful every day, she carries within her belly the future ruler of the underworld, my Son, and she is the best friend any person could ever ask for. It seems so long ago that we met - we were so much younger, yet at the same time, she has barely changed.

Andrea is back in the U.S.S.A. visiting her family this week - they are throwing her a baby shower, and sadly, her Grandma Mable passed away this week, so she is there to also support her family and go to the funeral. I miss her, am always thinking of her, and long for her return.
There are certain things I know in this life that often gives us little answers: I am the best I can be when Andrea is with me, and I did not reach my truest strength till she came into my life. I am lost without her, and I mean that in so many ways. I see only the little picture when she is away, short bursts of life, instead of the large canvas that we are painting together when we are united. I cannot imagine what turns my life would have taken without her in it, and I am glad I do not know, nor will never know if I can help it. I help it I try, by trying in my own, simple way to be a good man. Now, I do not see myself as a good man, but I am closer when I have my Andrea to show me the way. And I will keep working on that road so that Andrea and my Son are always safe in the capable hands of a semi-good (bad) man.

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