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Monday, June 18, 2007

Double Trouble

About 6 months from now, Andrea and I will be travelling through the innards of Mexico, getting to know some ancient ruins, and Andrea will stumble over a small onyx statue - it is of a beautiful girl with 2 faces, 2...everything. Us Villarrubias being natural thieves, we take it from a place it had surely been for years, back to our camp. The next morning we will wake to find things in our lives weirder than usual. Andrea will be twice the woman she had been before, and I will have grown a second face (surely many people I have known in my life may claim I have always had both...but alas...).

The day that follows will be fun, but not easy Andrea 1 and 2 will constantly remind each other that they are the same person, yet rarely agree all day. I will just keep contradicting myself, appologizing to everyone, and then will endlessly complain to aleternating Andreas about my other face, and anyone else I can think of. Very confusing.
Then we get drunk.

During what will be a fun, if not incrediby bizarre night, we will return little miss trouble-statue under cover of night, to her resting place, and wake with things back to what we consider normal.

Next year is going to be weird.

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