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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big baby, little penis

Week 18: The baby is getting bigger, and now it has a penis! Yes, our little demon is a boy. They can rarely tell this early, but being a Villarrubia and all, i guess things just stood out. Every little thing makes this more real, and now that we know that he is a boy, well, it is just crazy. You can see his spine, his head super cleary, and shit...his dick. Pretty far out.

Andrea has had no morning sickness at all, so naturally we are happy about that, and though it is almost time, she has not been able to feel the kicking yet. That is going to be wonderful. We received a great book from Andrea's friend Leslie called "A child is born" - it is the most amazing look inside the body of a woman as the baby is developing. You can here see the ultrasound of Little V at 15 weeks, and also a picture of what the baby looks like around the same time inside the belly. Yeah, you dont need to be stoned to trip on that...but it sure helps. I am fascinated, thrilled and challenged by the experience, and can't wait to meet the little man.
Currently Andrea is living a generally normal existence, still running a few times per week, more tired than usual, but her same old unstoppable self. Her lovely little baby belly is starting to show, and you can see more folks noticing it, but more so her "glow" as they say. It is something to behold, as is she.

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