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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Snapshot of a life gone real good

Snapshot of now: We have been in Mexico or on the road here for 3 months. My wife and I are more in love with each other than any day before now, and there has never been a better saturday afternoon in the history of Saturday afternoons.

...and let the words fall from mouth...

Dreaming is part of the daily grind for some of us. You spend your days (if not years) dreaming of things you want to happen, quickly followed by thoughts of how it can never happen, then the inevitable reminder that it is just a dream, after all. Then the dream rises again,like an itch...and before you know it, you are scratching -- thinking of how you can make it happen. Then, before you know it, it's happening, and you are in discussions with yourself about whether it's happening too quick, was this the right move, what's next, etc...

Dreaming is a funny thing, the way it can end up if you do it too often. I suggest it to everyone. The Dream, after all, is just pre-production to a plan.

On the top ten list of dreams lies an ever present favorite - a home in the country where one can raise a family outside the confines of city-money-work-stress-o-rama. Since a trip to Montana years ago, with various trips in years to follow to Costa Rica, Europe, Mexico of course, and various locations around the Kentucky/Indiana area, the thought of owning a piece of land all our own has been a good thought. We now report to whoever is taking notes that we are officially land owners. Yet another dream captured in the net of possibility. It's all quite facinating, how the elusive can suddenly be achieved. A deceiving suddennes, since really you have worked every moment of your life for this change in fate - to call it sudden, is like buying into the overnight success of someone working forver to break in. Ah, rock and roll.

Whatever the case, it's just a little spot, in a big world, but its our little unfinished home of a hill, and that is enough for us. Before my own writing assures i kill myself with something sharp, or slightly less-than-dull, know that we are fucking out-of-our-minds thrilled to own land, to have a private spot to build a house, hang a hat, or bury a body...whatever, its ours, so fuck off...

and now...Now we are broke.

We dont care, or at least that is what you will read here. Whatever, we know one thing, that With each other we have the ammunition to win the war on personal poverty with a quick and vengeful attack. I reach back to earlier statements, and have no problem quoting myself...with my woman, I am unstoppable. With our love, we can obliterate any obstacle. Mexico and a simple life brings us closer to where we wanted to be, in the driver's seat of our own Destiny. Sounds fancy, but its what everyone wants. Freedom and control. Or in some of our cases, at least Self-control.

We started this diatribe talking about dreams, so let's go back the start. In the
land of dreams, it seems the dreamers keep dreaming. And now i realize the word dream has been used so often in this writing that it has inadvertadly added humor, which after all, was missing.

Ok. Dreams. Sayulita Dream Weddings. This is our new business, after all the dreaming, it's actually happening. A little business, in a little town, hoping to bring more to our new lives here for us, and those we deal with. Our wedding was so wonderful, we selfishly seek to relive it through the weddings of others we help. And they pay us for being madly in love and obsessively organized. Neat. Tune in at, and tell a love.

To make a long story shorter, here are some other high-lights of recent days...

- Still bartending... loving it, but 2 days a week is enough.

- We surfed for the first time since we arrived, and had a blast. My ribs still hurt 2 weeks later, and my pre-40 body counts its days.

- We have moved into our summer home, Casa Caballo. An amazing little home in the jungle that we are caretaking till November. Super cool, and 3 great cats to boot.

- The rains have started. Summer in Sayulita means afternoon-to-evening rains, bringing the jungle and town to life. amazing.

- The Immigrant song: We have been allowed to stay long term in Mexico, and have been granted FM3s, basically a "hang out! have a drink" card. We are very excited to be allowed to stay.

- Family visit #1: We got to spend an awesome week with Andrea's family in Puerto Vallarta. Boat trips, sweet pad, love, and good pools.

- I have still not had a cigarette since i quit on May 6th, so things go well. I run longer, I sleep better, and I have never wanted a cigarette more.

- Swam with dolphins - nuff said...

Snapshot of now: The wine is poured and it's 6:39pm on a Saturday night, the bug noises are like the plants screaming, and that in itself is amazing. My beautiful wife cooks Curry Chicken in a kitchen that is open to the jungle. 3 cats sleep near by, and life is amazing.

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