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Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Life, My Future, My Way...
My Life, My Future, My Way...

Life has had it's challenges lately, for without the bitter, the sweet is less...well, sweet. Hard times make us all question our past decisions, and future consequences...when really, none of this matters. Now matters. On what may be the hardest morning after a rough sleep, I woke, sat on the pot, picked up a paper and was handed this horoscope.

"Libra (Sept.23 - Oct.22): The Latin motto "Dulcius ex aspiris" means "Sweetness out of difficulty". It has a different meaning from "relief after difficulty" or "character-building from difficulty". It suggests a scenario in which a challenging experience leads not just to a successful outcome, but also to a delicious, soothing harmony that would not have been possible without the difficulty. This is what I foresee coming for you, Libra."

Classic Rock
Finally...All the right members for making beautiful music...

Modern Rock
Life can never be too bad when I am in such an awesome band!!
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