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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I killed Chin-Chin *

I would suggest you keep your pets away from me. Yesterday we were driving to a near-by town called Litibu to visit some good friends, and out of nowhere, a dog runs out in front of my van, and eventually under it. Out the rear-view came the same dog, but doing what can only be described as a break-dancing move. Well, it wasn't dancing. Poor puppy! I started hollerin' to Andrea that we had hit a dog, we pulled over and out I went. To add to the bummer, 2 twin girls about 10 years old were walking by the dog. I asked if they knew who's it was, and one of them pointed to the other saying "it's hers". Mind you, they were twins. Anyway, I felt even worse!! Ug. Then the parents came up, and that is when the lesson in Mexican culture began. As I apologized and tears filled my eyes, they just laughed and said "it was Chin-Chin's time". As I kept feeling bad, they said "Don't this" and proceeded to tell the kids to say bye to Chin-Chin - and suddenly they all said "bye Chin-Chin!", laughed and turned away. That was it, all over. They actually tried to make me feel better about it. I offered money, they wouldn't take it, and we all parted ways. Luckily our friends helped me forget it even happened...or was it the tequila?

Today a mouse ran in our front door, and behind a painting of mine sitting on the floor. I flew to action, as did Dulce our Dachshund. As Dulce tried to corner it, she knocked the painting on the mouse, killing it via blunt cerebral trauma. We were sad, but since we have had many mice lately, we decided glad was a better emotion - in the end at least I didn't kill 2 animals in 24 hours. My accomplice killed one.

Ok, I wrote too soon about the end - as I am writing this note, my dog kills another mouse right on our doorstep. Totally weird. The deathcount keeps rising...

* To all animal rights activists, and general living-thing lovers, please know that the mice were getting into our Cous-Cous - so really, they had to die. Chin-Chin on the other hand was innocent, as far as I know. So that is sad.

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